CNC Precision Machine, Inc. is dedicated to providing products and services that define VALUE in quality, pricing and delivery with a commitment to:

  • conforming to requirements
  • continually improving the effectiveness of the quality system
  • adhering to the quality assurance system as defined by our Quality Manual

We strive to exceed customer expectations!


We are committed to:

  • Hiring the best employees and providing them tools to become strong team players and customer advocates.
  • Empowering our management team.
  • Finding the best raw material and process suppliers at the most competitive prices.
  • Supplying our customers with the highest quality products.
  • Shipping all customer orders on time.
  • Implementing continuous improvement programs for cost reduction and quality increases.
  • Maintaining the excellent working condition of our equipment and facilities.
  • Running a lean process to provide our customers with the best possible pricing while making a fair profit.
  • Staying focused and flexible while implementing new technologies to expand our offerings.